Precision Dairy Conference 2021

Thank you for attending the 2021 Precision Dairy Conference in Bloomington, MN or virtually. It was great to be able to network in person during the event and also via the event app! The conference had wonderful speakers from various sectors within the dairy industry including dairy producers, consultants, veterinarians, industry leaders, and researchers. 

Our attendees indicated that they went home with much food for thought. Testimonial example from one attendee: "Especially in the Covid era, especially putting this on for 2 distinct crowds (in person and virtual) the conference did for me what I look for in each event I go to. It challenged me to keep up. It introduced me to new or different concepts. It provided me with the background I needed to bring info to those unable to attend. Thank you." 

The organizing committee:

Marcia Endres, chairperson

Brad Heins

Jim Salfer

Contact information: [email protected]