Industry Speakers

Platinum Sponsor Spotlights

AMS-Galaxy-Brad Biehl is the President of AMS-Galaxy USA. Brad is a fourth-generation dairy farmer. He and his family have 130 cows at Corner View Farm. Brad earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University. His passion for dairy farming and engineering drives his commitment to provide efficient and profitable equipment solutions to family farms. 

Cargill-Dr. Mateus Peiter is the Digital Sales Lead – Dairy North America at Cargill Digital Solutions. He is a veterinarian by training and earned a PhD degree in Animal Science from the University of Minnesota. Mateus works with automated technologies to improve dairy farm management and productivity. 

DeLaval-John Gerbitz is a Dairy Advisor for the DeLaval Farm Management Solutions team. In that role, he provides dairy herd management support for DeLaval dealers in the Midwest. He helps customers transition to robotic milking and works with management teams to maximize robotic milking performance. Before coming to DeLaval, John was self-employed as a dairy farmer for 18 years and he spent 16 years in the AI industry as a technician, trainer, consultant, and product manager. John lives in Southern Wisconsin. 

GEA-Stuart Marshall has worked in the field of robotic milking on the sales and technical side since 2008.  He is currently the Business Development Manager for AMS at GEA Farm Technologies, helping to bring new technologies to market and optimize their use on-farm.

Nedap-Tara Bohnert is the Commercial Business Development Manager for Nedap in North America. She identifies opportunities for Nedap solutions and promotes more efficient and sustainable herd management. Before coming to Nedap, she spent 15 years working in the AI industry consulting with dairy farmers around the globe.

Start-Up Companies Spotlights

Armenta-Jim Mattox is Founder and CEO of Cowsultants LLC.  Cowsultants is a sales and marketing agency that helps dairy companies navigate the North American market. Cowsultants is proud to represent Armenta and their innovative Acoustic Wave Therapy which is improving the life of the cow and the dairy farmer around the world.

Cainthus-Dr. Tyler Bramble began his career as a research associate at Texas Tech University focusing on feed and nutritional management of livestock. He has held various commercial roles where he has had the opportunity to focus on nutrition and management of dairy cattle throughout the US and various countries. Tyler joined Cainthus as Portfolio Growth Lead in July 2018.

Connecterra-Julie Larson’s dairy industry career has included AI genetics, animal pharmaceuticals, and agency marketing. As the US Sales Director at Connecterra, she is helping US dairy farmers and their partners channel the power of technology to become more efficient, productive, and sustainable. Julie will introduce Ida, the intelligent dairy assistant, and share why Ida’s artificial intelligence is the next revolution in the dairy industry. 

Labby-Julia Somerdin is the CEO and Cofounder of Labby Inc, an MIT born tech startup that has developed on-the-farm milk cow-side milk testing solutions using mobile spectroscopy technology enhanced by machine learning. With over 20 years of hybrid experience in the tech business world,  Julia and her team are building next-generation solutions to transform the dairy industry and provide a fast, accurate, and affordable solution for on-farm animal health and mastitis management.

milc group-Manuel has spent his life in the dairy industry bringing over 40 years of dairy knowledge and business experience from the family dairy to managing both small and large dairy operations and more than 24 years with the largest software company in the dairy industry. His role in the previous software company ranged from applying software systems and managing development teams to becoming the CEO prior to his departure in early 2017 to create milc group. Manuel is the CEO of milc group.

VES-Artex-Charlie Hoffman is the product owner of DairyBOS at VES-Artex. His lifelong passion has been the dairy industry. He enjoys finding new ways to bring value and efficiency to the dairyman. Working first on the farm and then in various dairy tech companies has given him an interesting perspective on what the dairy industry needs.